Sunday Grind
Concert Series
Sunday Grind
Sunday Grind is a Concert Series the brings all of the arts in one professional five-star performance. It touches on all genres of music, dance, theater, and visual art.
Lexx Harrison
The Best
Modern Day singing telegrams for birthdays, office parties, kid events, and more. Your favorite characters or artists come to life.
Dance Gram
Mekka Wilson
Dance Grams
Local and regional dancers perform a number (s) for your special event. Anything from Hip Hop, Sensual, Tap, to Burlesque.
ChaStarr & Lyfline Band
Book our managed Artists and Bands for your event, party, wedding, lounge, restaurant, or club.
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Brand Ambassadors
DJs & MCs
A/V & Light Techs
Event/Show Solutions
Plan & Coordinate your event or show - helping with budgets, hiring, venues, talent, security, catering, and more.
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Table Reads
Book Narrations
Audible Screenplays
Hire an artist to narrate your book or presentation. Have a virtual table read, or create an audible version of your screenplay.

Soul Serenades

Let Us Help You Say: I Love You, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, & more!


Its What We Do!

The world is full of amazing unsigned & unknown talent. NOW you can witness the power of that talent first hand!

Imagine having a live performance from Prince or MJ before they were superstars? Now you can have your favorite local and amateur artists serenade you anytime and anywhere! Whether its for a birthday, corporate event, bachelor party, intimate dinner, or just because you love the artist; AG Entertainment can fulfill your every need. Our artists can pre-record your serenade, you can request a live virtual performance, or the artist can perform in person live. We align our customers with premium performers that are sure to make you believe!

Create Artist Profile

Artists from all over can create an account and a profile that describes who they are and what they do.

Request a Service

Artist Grind offers a number of services from Serenades, AG Grams (modern day singing telegram), Narrations, and Voice/Video Grams.

Show/Event Management

Artist Grind can help you manage your show or event from sound engineer to stage management.

Workshops & Classes

Artist Grind offers coaching private lessons for voice and performance, as well as classes and workshops for artist growth and development


Meet Our Newest Members

Our Recent Event

Sisters of Soul Charity Concert

Women from all over Atlanta come together on 1 stage with a Live Band, celebrating each other and raising awareness for Sickle-Cell Anemia and Cancer Foundations.

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Over 10 Years

Artist Grind Entertainment was founded in 2011, and since then we are trying to make our Clients more happy and confident! With over 10 years working in the fields of teaching, developing, performance, and management; Artist Grind is committed to being your entertainment partner!



At the core of our company is Support & Coordination services. We facilitate planning, providing oversight and monitoring of services provided. Building a close and trusted relationship with our members and our clients sets apart Artist Grind Entertainment!


Artist Network

We have a vast member network with talent and skills across many genres, so your customized “GRAM” can be booked immediately. Our focus is also on the Artist members, so they receive 75% of the set fees for any “GRAM” booked.



Team Mates

Our team of industry seasoned entertainment professionals have over 25 years of experience… and who all have one goal in mind; entertain the world!


Ronda Reese-Heaggans

Founder & Manager

Stepp 3

Stepp Stewart

Consulting Producer


Alisa Boykin

Brand Management